About Us

About our candles

Warm Sensations is setting out to make a wide variety of colors, shapes, scents and sizes to suit any person or occasion.

We feel that everyone should be able to enjoy our candles. From those that just like to relax with a candle burning on the edge of the bath to those who use wax on the skin for massage or therapy. Lovingly hand crafted, our candles are sure to delight everyone.

We use only the finest Soy and Paraffin wax, scents and dyes in all of our candles so that no matter what you are using them for they will live up to our high standards.

We invite you to browse our shop and pick out a few candles to start out with, feel free to send us a message if you have any questions!

A word from our creator

I’ve loved making candles ever since I was a little girl. There is something about it that I have always found rewarding and relaxing. Now as an adult I found there are many uses for candles beyond just lighting a room.  I love having wax on my skin but I have always been very heat sensitive so finding candles that didn’t burn was a challenge.

I have done a lot of research into different types of wax for all of it’s many uses and my journey to find low temp candles lead me to discover soy wax.

I started experimenting with soy wax and low temp paraffin wax and found that I could make some wonderful and beautiful candles that were still low temp candles and skin safe. It didn’t hurt that I could then add amazing scents and colors without compromising my main goals.

Thank you for visiting the site and I look forward to making your candles for you to enjoy.

What is skin/body safe?

Skin/body safe is a term that we use for most of our products. This means that the wax from the candle is of a low enough temperature when it melts that if it were to drip onto exposed skin it should not burn you. The biggest benefit for this is for those that like to have wax dripped onto themselves and for those who enjoy using massage candles.

Soy wax makes this a much more accessible goal than most other types of wax that melt at a much higher temperature. Soy when melted is almost cool to the touch for most people so it is the perfect medium to use for our candles.

We also use low temperature paraffin wax in some of our candles such as our Taper Candles. This is because soy wax is very soft and needs the paraffin to help it hold it’s shape. This does add heat to the candles when they melt but not by too much and we still deem this to be skin/body safe, however we always recommend testing them yourself as everyone is different. If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message!